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April 13, 2020

Make ‘em Bite/More Reaction Strike

As Walleye fishing and Walleye anglers continue to grow and expand their sometimes old school thought processes, more and more Walleye anglers are starting to resemble bass anglers.  Multiple rods used to optimize the number of baits that hit the water in a given area.  Aggressive shallow water tactics and less live bait produce more tournament wins then the traditional live bait presentations.  In this episode we talk reaction strikes and what that means.  How to go out and make them bite.  We need to stop coaxing Walleyes to bite and we need to fish for active Walleyes that are actively feeding.  This conversation gets carried over in tomorrows release of the Next Level where we are joined by Josh's tournament team mates Steve and Brooks Tyser and we continue to discuss reaction strikes! 

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