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October 16, 2020

Fall Night Eyezzzz

Fall is a great time of year to go out and find that trophy.  No I am not talking about that bull elk, I am talking about big EYEZZZZ.  The feed is on and if you love catching big Walleye it's time to not forget about the fall being the best time of year to catch that once in a life time trophy.  You have all the feeding of spring and none of the relationship drama associated with the spawn.  Trolling cranks in the fall high in the water column can produce big fall EYEZZZZ.


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He is not quite George Washington but he has been Walleye and tournament fishing for a very long time.  On this Next Level we have Dan Giordano in Walleye 1 to talk about everything Walleye.  From tournament fishing, strategy and where to look when the bite gets tough.  We have a lot of fun with Dan and this is a wealth of information.  Also catch Dan on our free episode Fall 2020.  Sit back and enjoy The Next Level.  

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October 2, 2020

Fall 2020

In the spirit of democracy and in the interest of debating on how to catch more fish in the fall, we at All Eyes have brought in a good friend of ours Dan Giordano and one hell of a stick to help LEAD YOU TO THE NEXT LEVEL!  It's fall time and the fish are putting on the feed.  We talk where to find the fall fish and what to use.  Techniques and tricks for catching fall fish.  Dan will also be in our new Next Level episode and if you want to hear more of our conversation with Dan you can subscribe to The Next Level and not miss the rest of our conversation.  

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September 24, 2020

Being Prepared

It has to be said!  We have to talk about being prepared for anything when you are traveling to your next tournament or taking the family out on the boat for fun day.  It's a boat and things go wrong...ALL THE TIME!  It's important you carry spare parts and check your equipment.  In this episode we talk about the bad luck we have had and what we have learned.  We have traveled across the country pulling boats and the one thing I know for sure...If it can go wrong it will go wrong.  


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See what you are missing.  This a a great Next Level episode where we talk to Walleye Professional Angler and former PWT Rookie of the Year, Dan Swanson about Lowrance and Tournament fishing.  Dan is Lowrance Pro Staff along with, St. Croix, Berkley, Ranger Boats and Evinrude.  Dan is extremely knowledgeable about Lowrance products and is a great resource.  If you aren't subscribing to THE NEXT LEVEL you are missing out on in depth information.  For the cost of a dozen night crawlers, you could be a Next Level subscriber.  WELCOME TO THE NEXT LEVEL!   

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If you live in the west or in some areas down south you are watching a hot dry summer make your favorite reservoir disappear.  Water levels in some areas are dropping nightly and the temps continue to be hot.  Fishing is tough.  Bait is exploding with shad and other bait getting bigger and giving the roaming bands of fish plenty to eat.  Where do you find fish in a reservoir system when the spot you fished last week is high and dry when you come back a week later?  What do you do when the water is warm and the bait is plentiful?  Lets talk late summer conditions and how to battle for your next bite.   

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September 2, 2020

Snap Jigging

Competition.  The name of the game in late summer and early fall is competition with all the bait in the lake.  Bait has exploded in most lakes across the country and you are trying to feed a group of fish while they sit at a Golden Coral full of bait.  It's a tough time of year but there are still plenty of opportunities to have great productive days on the water.  Snap jigging a variety of baits is a great way to make your baits stand out and scream "I am dying...come eat me"!  


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August 25, 2020

Do You Swivel?

Do you swivel your cranks?  Jigs?  Do you swivel when you connect leader material to main line?  Or do you just snap?  This weeks episode we answer a listeners question on the proper use of swivels and what type of swivels we use.  Nope... we don't claim to be right on this one, we just give our opinion.  A little humor for you all and some talk about swivels.  

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August 15, 2020

Summer Thermocline

It's hot and the water is warm.  Fish can be tough to find for most people.  As the water warms to the upper 70's and low 80's fish move to the thermocline part of the water column and they seek the comfort of the cooler oxygenated water.  Bait fish and other prey move to this same area and the suspending bite turns on.  In this weeks podcast we discuss a recent tournament where most everyone targeted those thermocline fish.  Don't miss Summer Thermocline.  

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If you are a hardcore tournament angler or a weekend warrior, we are all faced with making decisions on the water that will dictate how and if we catch fish.  We have made decisions that have cost us and ruined a good day of tournament fishing.  We have also made decisions that have led to catching big fish and winning tournaments.  The idea and the key to making good decisions is the topic of this weeks...THE NEXT LEVEL!

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