2018 What We Learned (Tournament Recaps)

July 12, 2018

As 2018 tournament season for Colorado and Wyoming nears an end we got together and reflected on what we learned during the fast pace of tournament season.  We fished numerous different waters that have presented their own unique challenges and we found a common theme that we think will help you moving forward locate and catch bigger fish.  It's been a couple months since our last podcast but this will be worth the wait.  



May 2, 2018

Confidence is not seen in the fishing world, but it can make all the difference.  Confidence comes in many different shapes and colors and it can cost a little or a lot.  Confidence can win tournaments or produce 100 fish days.  In this weeks podcast we discuss the importance of confidence and how we work hard to develope confidence to help make us successful.  We hope you enjoy this weeks podcast...CONFIDENCE!


Why Fish Tournaments

April 11, 2018

Competition!  That feeling of purpose and the need to sharpen your skills and improve your focus.  Thats why we fish tournaments.  Why do you?  Why should you fish tournaments?  For some it's hanging with the guys and talking strategy.  For others it's a way of making a living.  Maybe you enjoy the tension before the takeoff or walking up to collect a check?  Whatever motivates you, there is no better feeling then tournament fishing.