Fall Fishing From Shore With Kids!

October 5, 2017

Fall is a great time of year to grab a bucket of minnows and take your kids fishing!  Pan fish, Bass, Walleye, Whiper, Pike and many other species are feeding before ice on and they are crusing shallow structure for an easy meal.  Slip bobbers and a fat minnow will be irresistable to most fish right now and it will give you and your kids a few unforgetable hours.  This weeks podcast we talk about making those memories in Fall Fishing From Shore With Kids!


Night Time is BIG FISH Time

September 20, 2017

With the chill in the air it's time to troll at night for BIG trophy sized fish.  Walleye, Bass and Trout all suspend in the fall and can be caught trolling at night.  In this weeks episode we discuss trolling at night.  What baits we use and how we make your planer boards visible at night.  This podcast discusses the critical concepets discussed in the night trolling article published last spring at alleyesonfishing.com.  A must listen if you want to go after the fish of a lifetime. 


Keeping Lead Core Trolling SIMPLE

September 14, 2017

It's fall and fish are suspended over open water chasing huge pods of baitfish.  There is a distinct area of the water column that is holding fish and you need to get a #5 flicker shad down to 20ft to put your crank bait just above those fish.  LEAD CORE!  In today's podcast we make the idea of fishing lead core easy and managable.  If you have never fished leadcore, this is for you.  If you fish leadcore, lets compare tactics!  Let us help you take your trolling skills to your next level.


Lindy Live Bait HOGS

September 8, 2017

Simple and absolutely deadly this time of year for BIG fish.  Whether you are hunting trophy Walleye or looking for meat head Smallmouth, Lindy live bait rigging is insanely productive!!!!!  This week we talk about Lindy rigging for the fall.  How to set up your Lindy rig and two ways to fish your Lindy rig.  Highly effective and a Midwest favorite!  Another can't miss All Eyes on Fishing podcast!