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Dive deeper with Team Ultimatum Customs as we talk about custom painted cranks and where they work best.  This is one of the best Next Levels.


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Lets talk cranks.  More importantly custom cranks.  Some anglers swear by custom painted cranks and on todays episode we talk with one of the best.  Alex and Christine, the proud owners of Team Ultimatum Custom paint up custom cranks that are responsible for NWT wins and state record Walleyes.  With names like Neon Glow Shad and Red Rum, these two are a treasure of info on catching lots of fish on cranks. 


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Spring Cover continued from the All Eyes podcast.  Spring Walleyes are transitioning into summer patterns as the water warms and that means shallow Eyes!  Weed growth is providing cover for bait fish and it's spawning time for all sorts of fish in the lake.  Shallow roaming Walleye are on the hunt for easy meals and this means staging in cover.  In this Next Level we talk about where to look for Walleye as the water warms. 


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May 11, 2021

Spring Cover

Game on!  Seasons are open and the fish are moving out of the rivers back into the lakes and are ready to start doing some serious feeding.  Reservoir fish are sliding off spawning areas and starting to move to secondary points and push back into shallow bays.  Bait fish are giving each other fishy eyes and thinking about spawning.  As the Walleyes transition into their early summer patterns it's time to start fishing cover!  


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