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February 18, 2021


It's like going to the Dentist!  We have to talk about it.  WE HAVE TO!  It's that time of year when you need to take a look at your batteries.  If you have a new boat and are rigging electronics it's important.  If you store your boat outside it's super important.  If you just want to avoid any issues on the water this year it's a must.  


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If you subscribe to The Next Level we are switching companies and how we bring you The Next Level.  This will be a big upgrade for us all.  Emails will be sent out soon with more info.  We greatly appreciate and value all of our listeners and we are constantly looking into ways to make our podcast better.  

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We all do things a little differently but some tips work better then others.  Some tips remain guarded secrets.  In this Next Level we talk tips.  Tips that really work and are not meant to sell something.  We talk specifically about brands that work and some that don't.  We put some ideas to the test and have figured out what's bests.  We talk fishing and provide relevance to help you be more successful.  Welcome to the Next Level.   

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February 3, 2021

Line Counters

As we get ready to bid farewell to ice and usher in the 2021 open water season, many of us will start the year off trolling for Walleye.  In this episode we break down line counter reels.  By far one of the most important pieces of equipment in an anglers boat, line counters are an important investment.  We look at a few popular ones with the idea there are many more out there to choose from. 


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