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January 19, 2021

Cluster Bombing Ice

Cluster bombing structure through the ice.  When looking at a piece of structure through the ice it's important to set a series of holes on a piece of structure that allows you to fish shallow and deep.  As the light conditions change the different holes on separate structure allows you the flexibility to find more fish.  It's more ice and more fishing.



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As we enter a new year and hopefully one that will be free of pandemics and politicians, we at All Eyes want to focus on sharpening our 2021 skills and equipment.  Every year it becomes apparent there are certain things that need to change before the next open water season.  Open water is quickly approaching and the number of calendar shipping days is shrinking.  Lets do what we do best on The Next Level and lets talk fishing. 



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January 5, 2021

All Eyes on Ice 2021

Lets talk ice fishing.  We invite Brett Rye to jump in with us and talk early season ice.  Brett lives in north east Colorado and he puts some serious time in on the ice.  Brett is also part of our Next Level episode where we talk ice fishing and some tournament strategy.  Brett is a well known Coyote hunter and tournament fisherman.  Don't miss this great episode.


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