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October 29, 2020

Rods and Reels

Which one does what?  We get asked this a lot.  What is the best combo for this type of fishing?  I promise you we don't have all the answers but we can definitely tell you what we like using.  When it comes to picking a good rod or reel or a good combo it's important to remember you can find great fishing equipment for affordable prices.  Buying the correct length rod and the correct action is as important as the brand you choose.  Some think a rod is worth all the money and a reel holds your line.  It all depends on how you like to fish and what you fish for.   



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Being a fisherman is awesome.  We all love to learn how to fish and what to do so you can be successful.  Part of fishing for many is taking it to the next level and becoming a professional fisherman.  Sponsored fisherman are a dime a dozen and also a dying breed.  There is a business side to fishing and it includes numerous different ways to be a successful business person while doing what you love.  For All Eyes we run the Colorado Walleye Trial as one path to being successful in the fishing industry.  In this Next Level we talk about what we have learned on the business side of fishing to help guide you through the less seen side of the fishing industry.  

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October 16, 2020

Fall Night Eyezzzz

Fall is a great time of year to go out and find that trophy.  No I am not talking about that bull elk, I am talking about big EYEZZZZ.  The feed is on and if you love catching big Walleye it's time to not forget about the fall being the best time of year to catch that once in a life time trophy.  You have all the feeding of spring and none of the relationship drama associated with the spawn.  Trolling cranks in the fall high in the water column can produce big fall EYEZZZZ.


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He is not quite George Washington but he has been Walleye and tournament fishing for a very long time.  On this Next Level we have Dan Giordano in Walleye 1 to talk about everything Walleye.  From tournament fishing, strategy and where to look when the bite gets tough.  We have a lot of fun with Dan and this is a wealth of information.  Also catch Dan on our free episode Fall 2020.  Sit back and enjoy The Next Level.  

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October 2, 2020

Fall 2020

In the spirit of democracy and in the interest of debating on how to catch more fish in the fall, we at All Eyes have brought in a good friend of ours Dan Giordano and one hell of a stick to help LEAD YOU TO THE NEXT LEVEL!  It's fall time and the fish are putting on the feed.  We talk where to find the fall fish and what to use.  Techniques and tricks for catching fall fish.  Dan will also be in our new Next Level episode and if you want to hear more of our conversation with Dan you can subscribe to The Next Level and not miss the rest of our conversation.  

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