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June 24, 2020

Just Jigs

Keep it simple.  Jigs are the most versatile Walleye bait made.  Cast them, jig them, pitch them, vertical jig them, drag doesn't matter how you work them, a jig will produce bites.  In this podcast we talk a little bit about jigging and our favorite jigs and jig presentations.  It's a big topic...I think I smell a Next Level episode coming soon.   

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Wind, rain and snow.  All Conditions you will have to face when trying to win your next tournament or when you arrive for that vacation of a lifetime in Canada.  Tough conditions are mother natures way of reminding us we are at her mercy when we fish.  Fluctuating levels, cold fronts, stained water and massive thunderstorms are all possible factors that can make your bite very difficult.  In this Next Level we start where we left off in the podcast and we go into detail about how we fish some of the tough conditions.  Fish behavior, equipment tips and boat control are some of the topics we discuss.  Welcome to the Next Level! 

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June 18, 2020

Tough Conditions

It's Saturday morning and the boats are lining up.  Team 1 comes over the radio and you see team 1 blast off.  Team 15 is called and you slam down the throttle and hear that big motor come to life.  The loud growl of outboard horse power barks out and you are off.  You round the corner to your first spot and come off plane to feel a strong breeze picking up.  Within the hour the wind is 20-30 sustained out of the wrong direction and you are now battling to catch fish for two days.  In this episode we talk tough conditions and how to fish those tough times when you have too.  When coming off the water isn't an option.   

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June 8, 2020

Plan C

What ever doesn't kill you...makes you stronger.  In fishing the painful is often times the best lesson we can learn.  When Plan A and B fail most have no idea what Plan C is.  If you want to be a consistent fisherman and fish tournaments and produce fish, you need to always be thinking about whats your next move.  You can catch 20, 16 inch fish by casting the same hump every year and you feel like a rock star.  Your neighbor who fishes all over the lake every year is a Plan C kinda guy and instead of 20 fish he catches 50 and he does it rain or shine.  Force yourself out of your comfort zone and fish different ways on different parts of the lake and start to teach yourself Plan C.  


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