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Late spring and early summer start the time of year when spinner fishing becomes a must know technique for Walleye fishing.  Spinners can be used in open water behind boards, along structure behind bottom bouncers and through the tops of trees.  Spinners can often times produce fish when other presentations fall short.  In this episode we go into the W's of spinner fishing.  

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Late spring and early summer is a perfect time to get out the slip bobbers.  One of the most effective ways to work tight areas of structure for big big fish.  This technique is often overlooked by tournament anglers due to it's slow pace, but this versatile way of fishing can be ultra productive.  A perfect way to keep your kids interested in fishing and one of the best dead stick presentations on the planet.  Everything slip bobbers.

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Mid May and most seasons are open and it's time to start Walleye hunting.  Charge your batteries and hook up your boats it's time to chase some early shallow EYES!  Walleye guys across the country overlook and under value heavy cover in shallow water when hunting big Walleyes.  It's a crime if you don't find those areas in the lakes and reservoirs near you where there is an abundance of weeds or wood in a few feet of water and you don't go hammer the Walleye.  In this episode we go into everything shallow for late spring and early summer.  We talk equipment and what works.  We talk location and baits.  We love early shallow Eyes.  

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May 5, 2020

Spring Transition

Open water is here and the Walleye are moving away from the rivers and the spawning grounds and starting to school up and transition into the early summer pattern.  Fish are scattered and on the move.  Here today and no where to be found tomorrow.  Big fish can be tough to find unless you are fishing early morning or the night bite.  You need to transition how you fish and where you fish.  Not only daily but sometimes hourly.  How you catch fish at 7 am may not be how you catch fish at 1 pm.  Live bait may not be the best presentation this time of year.  Fish are hungry and reaction strikes can produce more fish then you might think.  Don't miss this episode.  


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