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This is one of our original episodes on trolling leadcore for Walleye.  A lot of great information about using leadcore to get your baits down closer to the bottom and in those deeper strike zones.  Spring, fall and basin trolling are all prime examples of how leadcore can be used to produce more and bigger Eyes.  Don't forget leadcore can be used to troll for trout, salmon and other suspended predators that hover around the deeper water.  If you have never used leadcore, it is a must have in your fishing arsenal.


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March 18, 2020

Stick Baits

Early spring is stick bait time!  Night time or day time, stick baits of every shape and size seem to be the bait that sets off those early spring Walleye.  We tell you our favorites and how to work them to trigger those strikes.  While we all sit in social isolation you can be listening to all eyes all the time!

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As the water warms those walleyes are ready to spawn.  Big females and aggressive males roam lakes, reservoirs and rivers looking for suitable spawning grounds.  Once they decide this is the's over for those fish in one night and thousands and thousands of eggs are let go.  In some states the spawn means gill nets and a little human help to make sure our fisheries are thriving.  We talk the spawn and we cover natural spawns such as Lake Erie and reservoirs, like those found out west.  Where to find the fish and how they behave.  A little humor mixed in because after all we are talking about FISH LOVE.  

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March 10, 2020

Fishing Nightmares

As open water season approaches, lets take a minute to reflect back on some of our...not so great trips on the water.  Just when you think paradise is just a warm month away, we would like to remind you how quickly things can blow up and become an absolute FISHING NIGHTMARE.  

Break out the popcorn and get ready to laugh at how bad some of our fishing trips have been.  I am sure you can relate and you will appreciate the pain we felt.  

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March 4, 2020

The Next Level: Speed

Welcome to The Next Level.  Lets talk about one of the most important factors in your fishing success.  SPEED.  If you're too fast of too slow you could be going home thinking they just weren't biting.  In early spring if you your speed is too fast you might miss out, but don't overlook presenting those baits fast and erratic.  Speed is precise and difficult when dealing with the weather.  Mastering speed can make you a great angler.  

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March 3, 2020

Early Active Fish

The ice is coming off in some areas and the daylight is getting longer.  Spring is just around the corner and so is the spawn.  Walleyes are staging and getting ready for that water to start warming up so they can begin the spawn.  Finding fish this time of year can be tricky and finding active fish can be absolutely brutal.  It's important to know fish still feed while they are waiting to spawn and they can be aggressive eaters.  

In this weeks episode we talk about locating those active early fish so you can start your fishing season off right.  Looking for warmer water and knowing what spawning areas look like can make all the difference in finding active early fish.

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