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February 26, 2020

Why We Fish…

Why do you guys love to fish so much?  We get this question often.  Whey do you guys give away all your secrets?  In this weeks episode we discuss why we love to fish and what got us hooked!  We talk about our love for the sport and how fishing has help to shape who we are.  It's always good to talk fishing.


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February 21, 2020

The Next Level…Depth Control

It's almost that time.  We are coming into the final months of winter and we are getting ready to gas up the boats and head out for some early season fishing.  From the open of the season until late into the fall, one of the most important concepts to understand is depth control.  There are many ways to get your presentation where you need it in the water column.  Some are more effective then others and are ideal under different conditions.  In this episode of The Next Level we talk leadcore, snap weights, inline weights and more.  We cover the best ways to get your baits where the fish are.  


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February 19, 2020

The State of Fishing…

In the spirit of the State of the Union we talk about the State of Fishing.  Don't worry, no speeches or waiting for applause to end!  In this weeks podcast we break down where fishing is as a sport.  We talk a little about sponsors and where we see the sport of fishing going.  This is a concept podcast designed to encourage discussion and invoke thought.  You may agree or disagree, but we love this sport and we want to see it available for all who will promote it well.  Lets break down The State of Fishing!   

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NO... This is not a podcast on shopping!  It is a podcast on what you need to get ordered now for those first trips when the ice comes off.  In this episode we pair your first order with how some of you will want to go after those ice off Walleyes.  We know some of you still have several feet of ice, but a large portion of Walleye nation will be ready to start fishing in the next 30 days and we want you to be ready.  Pairing those first nights out fishing with the correct equipment is going to key.  Lets get ready for some open water!


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Day 1 is over and now you have to assess your situation.  Follow the clues!  What happened on day 1 and what did the weather do overnight?  Did a prevailing wind blow and move warm water and bait from one side of the lake to the other?  Did it rain all night and change the surface temps by a few degrees?  Did the water levels in a reservoir system raise or lower over night?  All of these questions need to be asked along with evaluating your success on day 1 and the likely hood of your spot and bite holding up for two days.  Tournaments Day 2...Nothing like it!


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February 4, 2020

Favorite Go To Presentations

Another release from the All Eyes Vaults.  Our favorite go to presentations when the bite is tough.  Everyone has that one thing that gives you confidence you will produce fish.  It could be live bait rigging or trolling cranks.  There is that one thing that can make your tough day turn around.  Our go to favorites. 


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