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This is a Next Level you won't want to miss.  PWT/RCL/NWT Pro Dan Swanson goes into detail about setting up your fish finders for the best results.  Then we go into tournament fishing and we talk great stuff!  Strategy and what to do in what situations.  We continue with our tournament theme and we have a great time talking fishing.  


If you are interested in fishing the Colorado Walleye Trail (CWT) presented by All Eyes on Fishing go to or and check out dates and locations for upcoming events.  While you are there buy some all eyes gear and help support the nations best fishing podcast.  

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Lets talk fish finders!  Lets talk Lowrance and how to set up your fish finder for the maximum benefit.  How to effectively use your fish finders to improve your success rate.  Dan Swanson is a PWT/RCL/NWT Pro Walleye fisherman and has been a member of the Lowrance Pro Staff for close to 20 years.  Dan sets up his own boats and has learned the best ways to set up your electronics to get the most out of your units.  

For more of our interview with Dan you can subscribe to The Next Level by going to and clicking on The Next Level podcast with Dan and you will hear us talk more about fish finders and tournament fishing.  Dan is a wealth of knowledge and a great resource.  Don't miss the great information from The Next Level. 

For information concerning the Colorado Walleye Trail presented by All Eyes on Fishing (CWT), go to or and information about upcoming tournaments will be posted soon.     

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January 22, 2020

Catch and Release

Catch and Release...

Conservation vs. Meat on the table.  It's your right to keep fish, but it seems to spark fierce reactions from some.  Is it healthy for the fishery?  Can a fishery become more healthy with fish being kept.  As long as your operating within the law keeping fish can be very healthy.  In this weeks podcast we discuss the different aspects of catch and release to promote a healthy conversation about.... conservation.  


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Pre-fish is over and it's time for Day 1.  In this episode of The Next Level we talk about how we come up with a winning strategy to be competitive on day one and how not to loose the tournament with bad decisions on day 1.  We go in depth into the thought processes of making on the fly game time decisions that can be the difference.  This one will get you fired up for sure!


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January 7, 2020

More All Eyes Ice Fishing

Another great Ice fishing episode from early on in the All Eyes library.  Time to rediscover more great ice fishing info.  Some of you have heard this one, but most of you probably haven't.  In this podcast we discuss the necessity of moving around on the ice to find active fish and how it resembles being on the water and being mobile in a boat.  More great info on where to find fish.  Time to rediscover some vintage All Eyes on Fishing. 

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Your equipment is all set and you are ready to head to your next tournament and begin prefishing.  It's time to break down the lake and join your team in developing a strategy for that weekends tournament.  In the Next Level we go into how we break down a lake, what we look for and how to start coming up with that winning strategy.  

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January 1, 2020

Color Concepts

What role does color play?  We all use colored baits and we all focus on color when choosing baits, but the question is why?  In this concept podcast we discuss if color is really the deciding factor for a good bite or if it's the only factor we have to explain why we catch fish...sometimes.  More concepts to make you go hmmmmmm!  Don't miss it.  

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