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September 18, 2019

Fall Concepts

Fall fishing is in full swing in some areas and getting ready to start in others.  There are a few fall concepts you need to be aware of before the wolf pack frenzy begins.  In this episode we discuss fishing from shore for Walleye and locating fish from a boat in mid day.  We discuss baits that need to be in your box as the fall fishing frenzy approaches.  You don't want to miss the next important step as we walk you through fall fishing.  

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September 4, 2019

Fall Transition Bite #2

The fall bite will be in full swing in the weeks to come and it's time to start looking for fishing in those classic fall bite areas.  If you haven't figured out what those areas are, we can help.  The fall bite can be precise when fishing structure and it's important to know your electronics.  Fall Transition Bite #2!

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