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August 22, 2019

Fall Transition Bite #1

As we watch summer in our rear view mirror we notice the fish maybe a little harder to catch.  A little harder to find.  It is transition time where the fish are beginning to school up in "wolf packs" on structure and vertical presentations become the ideal method for catching more fish.  Fishing is about to get really good, but we need to keep our tactics fluid and flexible so we can keep catching those Fall Transition fish!    

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August 7, 2019


This bait is my favorite bait!  Two years later you can't get a bite on the same bait.  What changed?  In this podcast we discuss the theory of fish becoming desensitized to baits.  What bait will the next two year wonder be and what stands the test of time?  Why do fish seem to grow cold to baits after hot starts?  We discuss all these questions in...Desensitized!   

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