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July 25, 2019

Dog Days of Summer

It's hot.  Really hot.  It's the dog days of summer and the old guys have hung up their Walleye rods till fall.  Not so fast!  Walleyes don't just disappear or go on a hunger strike because of the heat.  They just move and there is more competition with plenty of bait.  This time of year is when you really start to learn about Walleye fishing.  

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July 11, 2019

Trolling #3 Midsummer

It's midsummer and your bite close to shore has vanished.  Traditional Walleye wisdom would have you believe the fish are deep in cooler water.  That is partially true, they are in the deep water but they are suspended only a few feet down.  During the hot summer days those fish slide out from night time feeding locations and they suspend over deep water and they relate to pods of bait fish suspended over the same deep water.  Trolling #3 midsummer suspended Walleyes.  

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