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April 17, 2019

Bass Fishing for Walleyes

Shallow!  That's for Bass guys.  Heavy brush!  Hope those Bass guys don't get snagged up on all that junk in the water.  Sound familiar?  If you have said this or you think this, you are probably not alone and you are MISSING OUT!  Bass habitat and Bass baits catch Walleyes!  Lots of Walleyes.  Countless times I have talked to a Bass person at the boat ramp and I am always amazed when I hear...we had a pretty good day but couldn't keep the damn Walleye off!  Wow, did they just say that?  Swim baits and Jerk baits which are commonly associated with Bass fishing are a great option for Walleye and are often over looked.  Bass fishing for Walleye...This podcast will change how you look at your favorite body of water.  

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April 3, 2019

The Deadstick

If you don't know what this is...stand by!  If you do know what this is...listen close!  The term "Deadstick" is kind of like Madonna or Parsons, only one name needed to know what I am talking about.  The ultimate force multiplier and a great way to try out different theories.  The Deadstick is in a class all its own.  This weeks podcast we help open you up to more ways to catch more fish.  DEADSTICK.  

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