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November 30, 2018

Early Ice For Giant Northerns

For all you hard water guys and gals this is your podcast!  If you like pulling fish with teeth from under the ice and you are a hard water junky, All Eyes goes into fishing for early ice Northerns!  Mitch, our Minnesota native gives you some great info on how to get started ice fishing for Northerns.    

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It is that time of year where you put away your boat and start to think about next year.  As we start to replace broken and worn out equipment with new and start to restock our boxes with our favorite baits, we can't help but to think back to the 2018 season and cringe at how those baits got lost!  It is time for more funny stories and we are taking aim at each other and 2018.  Lots of laughs in this weeks podcast!  

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November 1, 2018

Keep it “Cranking”

Fall is big girl time!  Fall is when you join the 30 inch club!  Fall is a time where you hold onto open water for as long as you can and you troll big crankbaits for big Walleye.  In this weeks podcast we discuss tactics and tricks for going after those big girls of fall.  

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