Size Matters

March 29, 2018

Yes size does matter!  No matter what they tell you and no matter how bad your feelings get hurt size is the only thing that early spring!  Some of you can breath easy, we are talking about the size of crank baits in early spring and the progression of crank bait size through the year.  Match the hatch and mimic the forage rings out as solid advice.  Well...spring time crank baits and size make all the difference between catching and fishing.  This weeks podcast we discuss early spring size choices and how to make that pay off in boxes full of fish.  


Leadcore Basin Fish

March 16, 2018

It's early spring and the Walleye are roaming the open basin of your local lake/reservoir.  You see marks on your graph and the fish are close to the bottom or belly to the bottom.  Using in-line weights or other snap weights is too aggressive for early spring and you need a weight system to deliver your crank bait to the bottom.  Leadcore is a versitile easy way to troll for those early spring Walleye.  Once you start to master using leadcore, you can use leadcore to deliver crawler harnesses over submerged trees and brush or use leadcore to follow the rolling contours of a shore line.  This weeks podcast covers getting you started using leadcore and some of the applications for trolling leadcore.