Vibration and Flash…Blade Baits

August 30, 2017


Blade Baits can be a year round producer.  Cast them to structure, vertically jig them or rip them along as you move over flats.  Blade baits are under utilized.  This weeks podcast we talk about setting up your equipment to fish blade baits, where to use them and how to use them.  Another tool in your boat to help you FISH YOUR NEXT LEVEL!



August 22, 2017

When the bite is tough and you are struggeling, we talk about those GO TO PRESENTATIONS that put fish in the boat every time.  The most common asked question we hear is, "What are you guys doing out there"?  NOW YOU KNOW!



August 17, 2017

It's that time of year when the kids are headed back to school and the fishing is trasitioning to the late summer and early fall patterns.  The forage in the lake has hatched and is getting big enough to provide the fish with plenty to eat.  You NEED to step up your game and present something to those well fed fish that will cause a reaction strike.  This weeks podcast discusses Jig-N-Raps, Moonshine Minnows and blade baits.  We discuss where to use these absolutely deadly presentations and how to make the fish STRIKE!



August 7, 2017

All Eyes On Fishing discuss nothing but cranks!  In the spirit of keeping it simple we discuss easy and effective ways to present crank baits.  Everything from trolling to casting, it's a all cranks podcast!


Keeping it Simple…Everything Jigs

August 1, 2017

All Eyes On Fishing kept it simple with our last article, "Keep it simple...stupid"!  We are continueing to keep it simple and in this podcast we are discussing everythig associated to jigs.  We have fun goofing and discussing how we approach jig fishing.