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April 16, 2021

CWT Rules Meeting 2021

The Colorado Walleye Trail basic rules meeting available on All Eyes on Fishing Podcast.  Reference the basic rules meeting at any time on All Eyes!

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Is tournament fishing for you?  It's that time of year and maybe this is the year you enter a local tournament?  In this episode we talk about tournament fishing and what we have learned.  Many tips and tricks to help every angler, but we talk about how tournament fishing has forced us to learn to think outside the box.  

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April 13, 2021

Windy Fish

How much of a factor is wind when fishing?  It's a huge factor.  Wind can be the only factor that really counts when trying to put together a bite.  We talk about wind and the different ways it can affect how you should fish. 

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Brad just got back from competing in two Wisconsin tournaments on the Fox River and we talk about what he figured out.  Hint...It's not what you are probably thinking.  Brad brought some out west knowledge and froze fishing the Fox River.  Early spring Walleye and where you find them in rivers and reservoirs. 


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