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August 25, 2020

Do You Swivel?

Do you swivel your cranks?  Jigs?  Do you swivel when you connect leader material to main line?  Or do you just snap?  This weeks episode we answer a listeners question on the proper use of swivels and what type of swivels we use.  Nope... we don't claim to be right on this one, we just give our opinion.  A little humor for you all and some talk about swivels.  

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August 15, 2020

Summer Thermocline

It's hot and the water is warm.  Fish can be tough to find for most people.  As the water warms to the upper 70's and low 80's fish move to the thermocline part of the water column and they seek the comfort of the cooler oxygenated water.  Bait fish and other prey move to this same area and the suspending bite turns on.  In this weeks podcast we discuss a recent tournament where most everyone targeted those thermocline fish.  Don't miss Summer Thermocline.  

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If you are a hardcore tournament angler or a weekend warrior, we are all faced with making decisions on the water that will dictate how and if we catch fish.  We have made decisions that have cost us and ruined a good day of tournament fishing.  We have also made decisions that have led to catching big fish and winning tournaments.  The idea and the key to making good decisions is the topic of this weeks...THE NEXT LEVEL!

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