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July 23, 2020

Big Bait vs. Little Bait

What size crank do you reach for in the middle of summer?  Do you go for the 3 inch jig or the 4 inch?  This time of year it's important to know the cycle of the bait and the ecosystem you fish.  Plenty of food for fish to eat means you have to either match the hatch OR be different and draw their attention.  Reaction strikes on big baits is a great way to catch summer fish.  Sometimes a smaller bait and slower presentation is the key for well fed fish.  Lets talk bait size and what consideration you should give that.  

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July 15, 2020

Cranks…Flicker Shads

Lets break down crank baits!  We start of this series with our favorite and a big producer...Berkley Flicker Shads and Flicker Minnows.  Berkley makes a line of great crank baits.  From the Cutters for jerk baits to Bad Shads to the Flicker Shad, it's tough to compete with production and price.  In this episode we talk about favorite colors and ways to fish these versatile baits.   

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It's Next Level time and we go deep into night time trolling for BIG summer Walleye.  Where you fish and how you fish may not be what you think!  Summer time is a great time of year to catch big night time fish and this is a great Next Level episode!  

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July 9, 2020

Summer Live Bait

In the immortal words of Van Halen...Hot summer nights and my radio!  It's summer and it's getting really warm.  The water temps are in the 70's and the lakes are full of people.  With the warm temps and pressure on the resources, what is the best way to catch summer fish?  Live bait and summer presentations go hand in hand.  In this episode we talk about live bait fishing for summer eyes.  You will like this one!  

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July 2, 2020

Winning Mentality

If you don't subscribe to the next level but you like listening to the is a little taste of what you get with The Next Level.  The difference between the winning mentality and consistently looking for a top 20 finish.  Always evolving and always looking to improve can be a confusing and frustrating task.  Sometimes going back to basics is the answer.  

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This year has been a tough year for many reasons and tournament fishing is no exception.  For the past 5 years we have noticed our winning mentality has changed to from winning to consistently having a good finish.  We have become to accustom to fishing ways that produce fish on almost any body of water instead of casting for good fish on specific spots.  It's all about being consistent and it should be about winning.  How to make those ideas come together is The Winning Mentality.     

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