Planer Boards…OH YES YOU CAN!

June 25, 2017

Planer Boards....

You might see those yellow "things" in the water with red flags and you might wonder what they are?  What do they do?  Why do I need those?  In this weeks podcast we cover planer boards and how we use them.  Why they are extremly effective and how you can step up your game with them.  Down load and listen!


Fishing Shallow For Monster Walleye

June 22, 2017

Often over looked and forgotten.  Big Eye's prowl the shallow waters all day and all night.  Big fish prowl through submerged brush and weed growth looking to ambush a meal.  In today's podcast we discuss fishing shallow for big Walleye.


Boat Control

June 5, 2017

Wind!  Waves!  BOAT CONTROL. If you want to start being a good Fisherman and you are looking for the secret spot or bait to use, you are looking at the wrong thing!  Boat control should be your first concern when improving your game. On this podcast we discuss boat control and types of electric motors. Are you a Motorguide or a Minnkota person?  We begin the discussion right here!